“Pathway to Aus Migration and Education Agency was contracted to review and submit my student visa application to undertake PhD degree at Griffith University, Australia. This week I was notified that my visa application has been approved and I could not have been more pleased by the efficient and timely follow-up by Pathway to Aus. I was kept updated on the progress of the visa processing and I was immediately notified with any further requirements.

I am impressed by the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by Migration Agent Nicholas Yock who dedicated a lot of time discussing the available options and providing the best advice on my visa application which I believe had a huge impact. Nick’s dedication in assisting international students with his very friendly attitude has significantly helped to make my application successful.

I strongly recommend consulting with Pathway to Aus Migration Agency in all matters related to visa and migration.”

Luqman – Iraq


Lucia (1)

“I contacted Pathway to Aus after my Working Holiday visa was expired and my student visa, which I processed with another company, had been rejected. Their Migration Agent went through all the process and made sure I complied with all the requirements to get my Student visa granted.  Thanks guys for such a hard job! I am super happy now as I am studying my perfect course and back in Sydney for 2 more years!”

Lucia – Argentina




“My Rusekaterina-small-imagesian agent said that I could not apply for another student visa in Australia. However Pathway to Aus informed me that I could and assisted me throughout the whole visa process. I am now studying a course in such an amazing city.”
Ekaterina – Russia





tonis-small-image“My working holiday visa was about to expire and I didn’t know what my options were. Brad and Nick at Pathway to Aus explained all of my options and now I can remain in Australia for at least another 2 years.”
Tonis – Estonia





“I graduated school in Malaysia and knew that I wanted to move to Australia. The Pathway to Aus team took care of my visa, school enrollment, accommodation and everything. I didn’t think the process would be so easy.”
Aiman – Malaysia

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