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The City of Perth on Australia’s West Coast is a perfect place for a International Student to start their journey in Australia. Perth is a lovely river city that is relaxed and also very fun. The Opportunities for International students & Graduates in Perth huge compared to other locations in Australia. the reason there are so many job opportunities in Perth for international students & Graduates in Perth is due to the recourse sector. The mining industry in Perth & Surrounds is huge, people form all over Australia and the world flock to Perth to pursue work in this industry. This then opens up a lot more opportunity for part time and causal work because most of the people who would normally take up those roles are working in the mining sector.

The Climate in Perth is Amazing in Summer it is hot and you have a huge selection of Surf spots you can take a dip. Winter is still generally quite warm and doesn’t get Cold like a lot of the other locations in Australia.

What To Do In Perth

Perth is a Beautiful city and extremely fun to explore. You definitely will not get bored while undertaking your study in Perth and listed below are some tips to get you started on what to do and where to go.

Perth AFL1

Australian Football League (AFL)

The AFL is Australia’s Favourite sport, and Perth/ Western Australia has some of the most passionate supporters in all of Australia. There are 2 teams based in Western Australia; The Fremantle Dockers & The West Coast Eagles. If you really want to experience the passion and excitement of one of these Games try and plan to go for the local Darby. this is when the two West Australian teams play each other. I guarantee that once you go once you will find yourself at a AFL game every other weekend.



Perth Institute Of Contemporary Art (PICA)

The Perth Institute Of Contemporary Art is a wonderful way to spend the day. You can literally sit there for hours contemplating and appreciating just one installation. This Gallery exhibits local Perth talent as well as Installations from artists all over the world. It is a must see place for anyone spending any amount of time in Perth and could not recommend it more.


North Bridge Brewing Company

The North Bridge Brewing Company is the perfect place to spend the day or Night. They have amazing food and Micro Brewed Beers for you to taste. It is the perfect place to meet with friends before heading out for a night on the town, or kick back on a Sunday Afternoon on the balcony take in some sun and just watch the world go by.


Places To Study


TAFE WA, Perth International College of English , Kingston College, Australian English Language Centre, Phoenix Academy, Milner International College, Lexis English.


Kingston International College , Australian International Institute, Australian School Of Management, TAFE WA, Australian Professional Skills Institute, Canning College, Perth Institute Of Business & Technology, Taylors College, Swan Institute Australia, Australian College Of Sports & Fitness, Silver Trowel Trade Training + Many More

Universities & Higher Education: 

Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Notre Dame, The University Of Western Australia.

Uni WA


Public Transport

When it comes to Public transport Perth has one of the best systems in Australia for students. All public transport (Buses, Trains & Ferries) are Free. If you are looking to travel outside of the main city as a international student you get 40% discount on all your travel when using public transport. This makes Traveling and Exploring your city even more fun because you get to spend your money on the things that matter and not spending it just to get to your desired destination.

For more information on Public Transport in Perth please Click Here




If you are just arriving in Perth there are Hundreds of Hostels and Cheap Hotels for you to stay for a short term. Prices vary depending on the time of year and the style of accommodation you are looking for, expect to pay what you would pay in most other cities of Australia. When it comes to long term accommodation options for international students Perth can be a little more expensive then some of Australia’s other study Locations, but in comparison to say Sydney or Melbourne you can still definitely find some wonderful priced share houses close to or in the city.

For more information about Accommodation in Australia please Click Here


Helpfull Links For Perth

Perth Tourism & Events – Click Here

Perth Accommodation (Short term) – Click Here 

Perth Accommodation ( Long Term) – Click Here




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