How To Experience Sydney On A Budget…

Being an international student in Australia I’m sure there is many different parts of Australia you would like to see. The problem is travelling around can cost a lot of money. We have put together this blog so you can see what Sydney has to offer even If you are on a tight budget.


flyRoad Trip

Getting There.

From The Gold Coast flights to Sydney are usually very cheap. The key thing to remember is Planning if you are trying to do a trip like this make sure you give yourself enough time to buy tickets. The longer you wait the more expansive tickets become so be sure to get in early tickets can range from $60 – $300. As you can see the price can vary dramatically so planning is very important when trying to travel on a budget.

Driving to Sydney is another great option, if you have a car that is.

The drive to Sydney is wonderful it is approximately 900km (10 hours) and goes through some of Australia’s oldest and most beautiful towns. Most cars depending on what your carrying should take you about 350 – 500 KM per tank of fuel. So for around $250 you can head of on the road trip of a life time. The bonus of driving is taking some friends with you and sharing the cost of the trip so you get the most out of it.

Sydney Skyline

Staying There.

Sydney can be very expansive for accommodation. There are still alternatives to paying 100’s of dollars a night to stay somewhere close to the city. Below are our Top 3 places to stay in Sydney on a budget.


funkhouse funkhouse2

Funk House Back Packers.

Rooms start from $26.00 per night Located in the exciting Kings Cross. Funkhouse backpackers budget accommodation Sydney is a hostel owned and run by travellers for travellers. They understand that arriving in a new country can be a little overwhelming. That’s why they organise daily activities to help you meet people and have fun.



Boomerang Backpackers.

Rooms start from $20.00 per night. They are located within easy walking distance of all the major sights in Sydney: 20 minutes from the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, only 10 minutes to Hyde Park and the heart of central Sydney, 15 minutes from Chinatown and Paddy’s Markets, and less than 5 minutes to Kings Cross and all its bars and clubs. If you’re more the sun and surf type Bondi Beach is only a short train or bus ride away.

Blue1 Blue2

Blue Parrot Backpackers.

Rooms start from $34.00 Centrally located on Macleay Street in cosmopolitan Potts Point; the chic and glamorous part of inner Sydney. A great location to start and finish your stay in Sydney! We are a 15 minute walk to the City Centre and a 20 minute walk by water’s edge through the Botanic Gardens to the Opera House & Harbour Bridge – one of the most scenic walks in Sydney. You can also catch the train from our nearest Kings Cross train station to the City Centre (one stop) and Bondi (2 stops).

Train1 Bus1

Getting around.

Even if you have a car down there I would not recommend using it to get around Sydney. There are numerous toll roads, Parking is extremely expansive and traffic is a nightmare. Public trance port is cheap and efficient in Sydney and will take you any wear you want to go for a very reasonable price. Sydney is built on trains and they can take you all over the state as well as to all the main attractions that you would want to see.

Things to do.

There are lots of free things you can take part in Sydney. This is just a few of the free events and attractions you can check out while you are there.

Garden1 Garden2 Garden3

Sydney Botanical Gardens & Domain. (All Year Round)

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, an oasis of 30 hectares in the heart of the city. Wrapped around Farm Cove at the edge of Sydney Harbour. The Gardens occupy one of Sydney’s most spectacular positions. Established in 1816, it is the oldest scientific institution in the country and is home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas. This is a wonderful place just to chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to go any wear.

rocks1 rocks2 rocks3

The Rocks Markets (Every Friday)

The Rocks Foodies Market it’s all about good things you can eat and enjoy in the lovely Jack Mundey Place. While you’re at it, pick up fresh fruit, crusty bread, irresistible chocolate, olive oils, condiments and homewares as buskers coax laid-back tunes from guitars and banjos. This is a lively and fun place and well worth going to have a look. The markets are also held on Saturdays with more of a focus put on craft, clothing & homwares.


Art Gallery Of New South Wales.

Explore five levels of art at one of Australia’s most popular art museums, located within beautiful parklands overlooking Sydney Harbour just 10 minutes walk from the city. See an extensive collection of Australian art, including one of the largest galleries of Aboriginal art in the country, alongside European masters, Asian treasures and leading local and international contemporary art. You can easily loose hours in the majestic old gallery and entry is free to all there permanent exhibitions.

con1 con2 con3

Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) is Australia’s leading museum dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across Australia and around the world. The MCA presents an engaging program of exhibitions and related special events. From major thematic exhibitions and surveys of established artists, solo exhibitions, new work by emerging artists, painting and sculpture to new media, the MCA program covers the range and diversity of contemporary art.

china1 china2 china3

China Town.

Chinatown offers an exciting mix of restaurants, food halls, noodle bars and unique gift shops. Every Friday, Chinatown plays host to a night markets event that lets Sydney siders get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere of markets in Asia. Featuring unique wares and culinary delights, Chinatown on Fridays is definitely worth a visit.

Food & Drink.

Our top 3 cheap eats in Sydney.




More More Cha. Dixon Street The City

Head on down any day of the week and see ‘Super Roti Man’ at work making feathery roti, or watch the YouTube clip on their website. Hit them up for roti canai and tender chicken wrapped in crisp bean curd sheets and you’ll be out of pocket a mere $11.50.


shal1 shal2

Shalom. Sussex Street The City

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a chilli fiend, you’ll happily get your spice on at Shalom. The fried chicken with fresh chilli sauce ($10), crusted with a daunting layer of chilli paste and seeds, is guaranteed to bring tears of pleasure and pain to your eyes.


atl1 ATL2

ATL Maranatha. Todman Avenue The City

Imagine how much easier things would be if you could eat fried chicken, bones and all. Guess what, folks: you can. The fried soft-bone chicken ($8.00) at ATL Marantha is put through a pressure cooker before it hits the deep-fryer, resulting in brittle bones you can munch down on without a care in the world.

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